Primate Kingdom

t took me two years to finish this post. But finally i think i have managed to move this post from the drafts folder to the published folder.

Now if you are thinking that i am about to unveil a novel or something then hold on this post is nothing but a set of NAMED PICTURES . NAMES is important because i tend to forget them and now after two years i have finally found some TITLES for these pictures. Well i am talking about the PRIMATE KINGDOM at Singapore Zoo.

Singapore zoo as most of us know is incredible in terms of the wildlife. The open zoo concept gives us an opportunity to experience the wild in a naturalistic environment. The animal exhibits are incredibly designed. I generally dont like to visit zoos as i feel quite sorry for the caged animals. But this place is slightly different.

All the exhibits were fantastic but what amazed me was The Primate Kingdom. Most of the zoos particularly focus on Wild animals like Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Elephant etc. But Singapore Zoo focuses more on rare species. They have created moated islands for various species of Monkeys.  It fun to see them play in those spacious and great landscaped exhibits. As you walk by you would suddenly see a Orangutan swaying on ropes or a marmoset monkey or lemurs standing besides you or a mini komodo dragon passing by. The feeling is amazing.


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  1. I’m late in answering because I was still in mourning.nThank you Meg for my daily dose of cuteness.nThrough this site I got to know (and love!!!1!) Maru, Simon’s Cat and Maymo & Penny. Click

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