Feeling Nostalgic


New photographs are out and while uploading them i pondered over my days in college.

Well when i had lot of time i didn’t have money to do photography but i had desire to do lots.
I just had a amateur film SLR that time. I remember drawing budgets for film rolls and photograph development. For every photo that i clicked i would think twice if this was necessary. Whenever i clicked a beautiful landscapes i would miss a wide angle lens. Whenever i shot birds or animals i always wished if i had a zoom lens. At low light i missed fast lens. I didn’t have tripod nor a digital camera.

Today when i have all of these equipments, i don’t have time to shoot :). I haven’t been on a trek for more than year now. I wish i could combine both the phases of my life. But as someone said if you get one you lose one .

Anyways now lets come back to the post..
i recently bought a Canon 50 mm f/1.8 lens. Its damn cheap but gives great results. The bad part of it is the noisy auto focus motor.
I was overly excited about f/1.8 that i almost shot everything at 1.8. Most of the pics went out of focus (thats a shame i know) mainly becoz i shot them on manual focus. But still i loved the pics for the blur effect it gave.
Hope to shoot some better pics from my new baby 🙂

Choki Dani from my new lens

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