If rains could kill (26th July 2005)

chill …nothing really happened to me..nor I have any personal experience to share……
but i still want to write about Torrential Tuesday…

26th July 2005 was one of the most horrifying day in the history of mumbai..its been a week after it…but life still remains there.
one week of entire holiday..one of its kind when no one enjoyed…but are waiting for life to come to normal…
So much seen and So much heard…what to tell and what not to tell…..i have no clue…

Thanks to my good fortune or lets say my punctuality …saved me from getting stuck in some part of mumbai ….don’t think wrong..as usual i got late for my class which starts at 11.30(one i had already bunked which was at 8.30)..but at that time i was at kurla station…swearing to god..I’ll never be late again…please get me train….i waited there till 12.30 but there were no trains coming….after which i came back home thinking, it’s not a good idea to enter the classroom when u r a hour late..more than that infact.

So at home time passed seeing Saas Bahu melodrama…while its was raining heavily outside..and then in the evening when i opened the window to see how the world looks outside my house..shit ..there was water all over….its flood time and the water had raised up to knee level….never before i had seen my colony flooded….

Soon the lights went off and the phone lines were jammed…i had no clue where my friends and relatives were….
as time passed the water level started rising ..now it was up to chest level…..
well i live on the fourth floor so no real worry for me..but my friends on ground floor were in trouble….the water had entered their houses…
I and colony mates went in for help….tried to shift most of the expensive stuff(tv, dec, computer etc), documents and essentials..but how much can we shift in such a short time…after a while we had to stop our work as it was not possible to enter the ground floor.

Night was getting darker..and the streets were without light…anxious parent were waiting for their young ones to return home ..while most of the mumbai stayed in offices and schools..there was tension all over..we had no clue whats happening around. The only transistor(which we were glued to) in the building stopped working as it was out of battery …
but still we weren’t short of rumours…they were coming from all over….and at that time they all sounded so very real….
rumours of dams bursting..people dying , short circuits…never before i was so scared ..not for me but for the rest…

The entrance of my buildings was completely deluged in water..now fear was that if water level rises up to 1st floor then what should be done..but thankfully it dint….this condition remained for three days..faces were grim ..something which no one can imagine had happened….as the water level dropped people started returning home…each of them had a story to tell, a tragedy to reveal…an adventure to gossip…

..and now its time for the aftermath….i have no words to describe the filth that remained after the wash off ….people living on ground floor had nothing left…..documents , photographs, even money was washed off… furniture had become state of art…..most of my ground floor neighbours had recently renovated…so they were still surviving the shock…
there was breathtaking stink all around and the authorities were nowhere in the picture…so we, the young blood of Mrugank(my buildings name) decided to be the sweeper’s of the day …actually two days. So there we were..dressed up like American sweeper with gloves in our hand and mask on the nose and ready to work.

In the evening i went for a walk in the neighbourhood..no exaggeration…….. but there was no place to walk…the streets were filled with heaps of debris..there was dirt and stink all over..this was so not the place where i use to live….much worse was the scene at the grocery store…tremendous wastage …and it was stinking like hell….
on an average every house has an approx loss of a lakh rupee..and this remains the scenario in most of mumbai…so one can imagine what must be the extent of damages…well the newspapers say it all.

but during this period humanity was the only thing evident and i feel so glad for it. Uptill now whoever has mentioned about his or her stories of battle against the rains never forgets to mention the ways people helped one another in surviving the difficult time

its took six days for electricity to be restored..and water supply continues to be an issue..god knows how long this takes to heal. I feel like singing “” Rain Rain Go away ..come again another day…everyone wants to play””

while all this my camera was at work you can check the photos at http://community.webshots.com/user/filangi
(i was not allowed to step out of my building while the water was around


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